Andrew Chambers

Ethical Technology Practitioner with more than 20 years experience in the field!

About Me:

A little bit about me, I am an ethical technology practitioner with more than 20 years experience in the field. During my regular 9-5 job, I am Vice President of Technology with my company responsible for millions in technology assets and technology related projects.

I am available as a Strategic IT Consultant, Business Technologist, and Help Desk Support.

You can reach me by email

mail @ andrewchambers . com.

My Recommendations from LinkedIN

“I had the pleasure of working with Andrew during my tenure at Northern Lights. As a Certified Human Resources Leader, I find myself analyzing individuals on their leadership skills all the time. Of course, Andrew was not immune. There is no question that Andrew posses excellent skills in IT and that his time management and organizational skills are impeccable. I also found Andrew to be a person with great qualities that every leader should possess. He is able to be “in the moment” with each individual he interacts with which is needed to build a strong team. Andrew is an asset to his organization and woould be for any organization.”

“I fully enjoyed working with Andrew on the leadership team at Northern Lights Canada and was truly impressed by his leadership skills. Not only was he instrumental in starting a new team, he also led the team through some critical and challenging times as the team and mandates evolved. Andrew’s highly intelligent, bright, intuitive and adaptable, which made his transition into various new business and career areas appear simply smooth and seamless. I have no doubt that Andrew’s great leadership skills and extraordinary learning abilities will continue make him a great success in all his endeavors.”

“I offer Andrew my highest recommendation as a leader. Having worked under Andrew while at Northern Lights I not only learned more about the tech world than I knew was possible, I also found a keen desire to want to go in to work each day. Andrew has a positive energy which is contagious as is his thirst to comprehend situations and seek fun innovative solutions to improve. Andrew’s style for presenting and sharing his ideas will forever be modeled by all who have ever had the pleasure of working with him!”

“Creative and passionate with all of his efforts, Andrew’s infectious enthusiasm helps get tasks done quickly and efficiently.
An active listener, Andrew seeks to understand people’s needs first, then acts promptly to solve their problems and offer practical solutions for future success.”

“Andrew is an enthusiastic techie – he is passionate about sharing his knowledge. He is an excellent communicator with the ability to break down the information into easy to understand layman’s terms; whether 1:1 or facilitating to a large group. Andrew’s positive attitude and his solutions-focused style make him a joy to work with.”

“I worked with Andrew on a number of knowledge management applications and found him to be a thoughtful, action-oriented project manager and technologist with a gift for surfacing innovative yet practical solutions to problem issues. He is rapid learner – he absorbs new information quickly and then finds opportunities to apply his new knowledge to improve a product or process. Andrew is also very good at explaining his ideas and collaborating with others to complete projects in a timely and in an effective manner.”

“I have known Andrew during his entire career at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and can vouch for his consistent work from the first day of employment until the last. He has steadily maintained a reputation for being intelligent, creative and imaginative. Andrew is also extremely well-versed in new and emerging technologies and consistently pioneered plans for smooth integration of these technologies into the business. Furthermore, Andrew understands the big picture and is able to identify and create plans needed to achieve long term prosperity. I would consider any business extremely lucky to be able to benefit from Andrew’s many assets.”